General information

ACalNet supports the exchange of students and staff between the network's partner institutions. The exchange was expected to lead to the establishment of collaborative projects between the research groups associated to the network. Furthermore, a number of ACalNet spin-off projects to continue with the fruitful collaborative activities initiated by the network will be established in 2017 and 2018. Exchange activities should preferentially contribute to the establishment of these spin-off projects.
A variety of exchange opportunities was open to academic members of ACalNet, to graduate students and researchers in their research groups, as well as to undergraduates recommended for an exchange by an ACalNet academic member. The exchange modalities funded by the network include research stays, strategic meetings, guest lectures and visits to workshops.
Please, find specific information regarding the different exchange opportunities reserved for each target group (undergraduates, graduates, postdocs and professors) under the corresponding navigation point.

The program finished at the end of 2018 - no further applications are possible!