Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Kai Leonhard

RWTH Aachen University
Institute of Technical Thermodynamics
Juniorprofessor for Model-Based Fuel Design
Address: RWTH Aachen University
Schinkelstraße 8
Room 215
D-52056 Aachen
Phone: +49 (0)241 80 98174
Fax: +49 (0)241 80 92255
My research is focused on the development of predictive multi-scale models, based on quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and phenomenological thermodynamics. We apply these models, often in cooperation, to develop products and process fluids based on a holistic approach, i.e. we optimize the process or device together with the fluids to reach the global optimum. The development of experiments that provide information complementary to that obtained by models completes my method portfolio. My group consists of engineers and chemists to make scientific basics accessible for engineering applications and to facilitate interdisciplinary communication.