Prof. Peter C. Ford

University of California Santa Barbara
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Director of the NSF Center for the Sustainable Use of Renewable Feedstocks (CenSURF)
Address: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
PSBN 4649C
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080
Phone: +1 805 893-2443

Our research is concerned with three major topics:

  1. The photochemistry and photophysics of transition metal complexes and the design of photochemical pathways for the delivery of bioactive compounds to appropriate targets
  2. The bioinorganic chemistry of nitric oxide and other small molecule bioregulators
  3. Sustainable catalytic chemistry, especially of reactions relevant to biomass conversion
While these topics sound rather diverse, the common theme is our interest in reaction mechanisms and in applications of quantitative techniques to investigate these systems.